World Congress of Families V –10-12 August  2009  

Pro-Family leaders, activists and researchers from 63 nations attended World Congress of Families V in Amsterdam (August 10-12).

Roughly one-third of the over 800 delegates were Dutch. Other nations represented included the United States, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Romania, Poland, Latvia, Moldavia, Slovakia, Russia, Nigeria, Malta, Ghana, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Pakistan, Australia and the Philippines.

WCF V included more than 100 plenary session and panel speakers covering a broad range of issues affecting the natural family, among them: the psychological effects of child-care – the value of a faith and family approach to counseling – the rights of parents in public education and home – schooling – addiction to Internet pornography – the public purposes of marriage – the power of the African family – the impact of declining birth rates – fertility and human dignity – the role of religion in supporting families – media and the family – the complimentary roles of mothers and fathers – human trafficking in women and children – HIV and AIDS – the impact of international law on the family – how biotechnology and ethics affect the family – abortion, euthanasia and other life issues – and character education and the family.

Reports on Riga and Abuja –World Congress of Families V Prep-Cons 

The Congress also included special reports on the two preparatory conferences (prep-cons) leading up to World Congress of Families V – Marika Bertule reported on “The Riga Family Forum” (held at Riga City Hall, Latvia May 15), and Theresa Okafor of the Foundation for African Cultural Heritage reported on “The World Congress of Families Dialogue of Civilizations” in Abuja, Nigeria (June 4-7).

Over 100 participated in the Riga Family Forum. Attendance at The World Congress of Families Dialogue of Civilizations was between 300 and 400. The latter was covered by the two largest newspapers in Nigeria and the largest television station in Africa.

Neither Theresa nor Marika had ever been involved with World Congress of Families before, even to the extent of attending a past Congress. Both are typical of the outstanding young leaders becoming active in the World Congress of Families.

World congress of families V Speakers 

Like its predecessors, speakers at World Congress of Families V reflected the diversity of the growing international pro-family movement – scholars and researchers, academics and authors, leaders and activists, parliamentarians and religious figures. We were honored by the participation of the following at Amsterdam 2009:

Kevin Andrews (Member of Parliament, Australia), Anatoly Antonov (Moscow State Lomonosov University), Cardinal Ennio Antonelli (President, Pontifical Council on the Family), Constantin Asavoaie (Romania), Ted Baehr (Christian Film & Television Commission), Julie Baumgardner (First Things First), L. Brent Bozell (Media Research Center), Evert-Jan Brouwer (member of the Local Organizing Committee), Benjamin Bull (Alliance Defense Fund), Dr. Byron Calhoun (OB-GYN), Marika Bertule (Latvia Family Forum), His Majesty Drolor Bosso Adamtey I (Ghana), Dr. Rene Bullecer (Human Life Int’l., Philippines), Dr. Allan C. Carlson (WCF founder), Chris Carmouche (GrassTopsUSA), Moria Chimombo (Malawi), Missy Christie (Colombia), Gilbert Crouse and Janice Crouse (Concerned Women for America), Peter Cuyvers (*), Silvio Dalla Valle (Association for the Defense of Christian Values, Italy), Sheri Dew (Deseret Books), Jaap Doek (Appeals Court of Amsterdam), Fr. Alain Dominique (*), Bishop W.J. Eijk (Archbishop of Utrecht*), Pat Fagan (Family Research Council), Michael Farris (Home School Legal Defense Association), Don Feder (WCF Communications Director), Wanda Franz (National Right to Life Committee), Susan Dutton Freund, Andras Gabos (TARKI Social Research Institute, Hungary), Dr. Farooq Hassan (Pakistan Family Forum), Arenda Haasnoot (Protestant Church in the Netherlands), Pierre Hernalsteen (Flemish Association for Natural Family Planning), Babette Francis (Endeavour Forum, Australia), Randy Hicks (Georgia Family Council), Rob Hondsmerk (De Hoop Foundation*), Marie Claire Hernandez (The Family Network, Mexico), Arend Huitzing (Children Affected by AIDS*), Rabbi Binyoman Jacobs (Chief Rabbi of the Netherlands), Larry Jacobs (Managing Director, World Congress of Families), Henk Jochemsen (PRISMA*), Lech Kowalewski (HLI, Europe), Roel Kuiper (Christian Union Party*), James Kushiner (Fellowship of St. James), Drs. Richard Land and Paige Patterson (Southern Baptist Convention), Gwen Landolt (REAL Women of Canada), Phillip Longman (New America Foundation), Yuri Mantilla (Focus on the Family), Elly van Meel (New Families*), Tom Minnery (Focus on the Family), Janet Morana (Priests for Life), Miguel Moreno (Leadership Institute), Steve Mosher (Population Research Institute), John Mueller (Ethics and Public Policy Center), Moise Napon (World Relief Int’l., Burkina Faso), Elder Russell M. Nelson (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints), Wendy Nelson (BYU), Preston Noell (Tradition, Family & Property), Mariangeles Nogueras (OFA*), Theresa Okafor (Foundation for African Cultural Heritage), Gilbert Okoronkwo (African Christian Television, Ivory Coast), Dele Olowu (Nigeria), Rob van Pagee (Family Group Conference*), Prof. Rekha Pande (Center for Women’s Studies, India), Dorothy Patterson (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary), Geert-Jan Poker (Chris*), Simon Polinder (chairman, LOC), Andre Rouvoet (Dutch Minister for Youth and Family), Austin Ruse (Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute), Bill Saunders (Americans United for Life), Peter Schalk (Christian Trade Union*), Don Schmierer (His Servants), Carlos Simon (Pontifical Council for the Family), Sharon Slater (Family Watch Int’l.) Bet van Sloten (Int’l Foster Care Organization*), Steve Smoot (Family First Foundation), Joke Sperling (the Netherlands), Bart-Jan Spruyt (*), Kees van ver Staaij (Reform Party*), Mirjam Sterk (Christian Democratic Party*), Fr. Jaroslaw Szymczak (Institute for the Family, Warsaw), Francisco Tatad (former majority leader, Philippine Senate), Tobias Teuscher (European Parliament), Catherine Vierling (European Mothers Assn., France), Christine Vollmer (Latin American Alliance for the Family), Joel Voorvewind (Christian Union Party*), John Waller (singersongwriter), Jet Weigand (Parents Association*), Glenn Williams (Focus on the Family), Annemiek van Woudenberg (Centers for Youth and Family*), and Anna Zaborska (head of Women’s Rights and Equality Commission, European Parliament), Rudolf Schmidheiny (Swiss Parents Forum), Martha Shupping (Rachel Network), Glenn Stanton (Focus on the Family), John Vining (Family Center, Church of God), Laruralee Christensen (United Families International), Stephen Baskerville (Patrick Henry College), Joseph Meaney (Human Life International), Shelly Locke (American Mothers), John Smeaton (Society for the Protection of the Unborn, U.K.), Cindy Jones- Nosacek, R.N., Paul Mero (Sutherland Institute).

* The Netherlands

Religious Diversity in Support of The Family 

World Congress of Families V saw greater participation by leaders of diverse faith communities than any previous Congress.

The Congress heard from Cardinal Ennio Antonelli, president of the Pontifical Council on the Family (his remarks were read by Msgr. Carlos Simon), Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs (Chief Rabbi of the Netherlands), Dr. Paige Patterson (former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, now president of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary), Dr. Richard Land (president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center of the Southern Baptist Convention), Elder Russell M. Nelson (member of the Council of Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), and Bishop Willem Jacobus Eijk (bishop of Utrecht).

As WCF Founder and International Secretary Allan Carlson, a Lutheran, is fond of saying, World Congress of Families isn’t an ecumenical movement, nor is it sectarian. Rather, it is a coalition of believers who span the religious spectrum. While separated by doctrine, we are united in our defense of the natural family.

Voices of Amsterdam – Overheard at World Congress of Families V 

“Unlike porn films or magazines, the Internet has no limits. It is accessible at any time of day or night, 24/7. It is also free for kids. They can surf the Internet for hours looking at porn without paying a penny. It´s a bit like having drugs in the kitchen cupboard for school lunch boxes.” Marie-Claire Hernandez (Mexico).


“The family is responsible for the wellbeing of the world; we have to make sure that family will be the cornerstone of society. Just having a family does not mean that this family is the cornerstone of society! We have to make the family that cornerstone; we have to work on it, put effort into that precious family! May G’d give all of us the strength to build a family that is a cornerstone for society, a family that will illuminate this dark world.” Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs (the Netherlands).

“Fathers not only provide love and support for their families, they are also the teachers of faith, history, culture and tradition. They are the leaders, the healers, the protectors, the encouragers of dreams, the counselors, the providers and also the disciplinarians. Fathers play these roles not only for their own children, but for other children and members of the entire community.” Drolor Bosso Adamtey (Ghana)

“If we want to bring an end to the AIDS epidemic in Africa, we must adopt a family approach to prevent the further spread of HIV. The foundation of this family approach is three-fold: virginity/abstinence before marriage, faithfulness/abstinence within marriage, and Christ-like character, embracing self-control, commitment, and compassion, which lead to companion-ship in the family” “As they grow up, the children learn moral values by observing their parents modeling them. Moreover, they learn that love is a choice, as they see their parents choosing to continue to love each other on a daily basis, throughout the ups and downs of family life.”
Moira Chimombo

“The family should be a safe haven to develop the potentials, capabilities and competencies of its members especially In this globalized world, a new approach is needed, one that supports the family as an institution based on equality, love and respect rather than on power and privilege for men and boys and weakness and subservience prescribed for women and girls.”
Prof. Rekha Pande

“The importance of being spiritually connected cannot be overstated. A family that frames its daily struggle purely in economic or material terms is likely to crumble as soon as the going gets rough. Marriages that survive the prolonged separation of the spouses or any kind of trial at all are usually those in which the spouses, helped by the Church, retain their hope in God, and know what the Pope means when he says “man is not a lost atom in a random universe.” Francisco Tatad (Philippines)

“Being aware that it is fundamental for marriage to combine opposites and to bring together the differences between men and women and between the generations in a meaningful connection, one cannot possibly equate a homosexual or lesbian relationship with marriage of men and women.” Archbishop Willem Eijk (Netherlands)

“The greatest threats to the institution of the family come from contemporary ‘liberal’ philosophies of the predominantly advanced Western civilizations (and not from the developing nations). The problem that we are thus faced with is simple. Some of the ‘changes’ that are currently advocated by a sizeable segment of liberal-based ideologues are such that they aim to denude the very foundations and grundnorms of the institution of the family so as to adversely affect its wellbeing and character as traditionally understood.”
Farooq Hassan

“Spiritually, we need children almost as much as they need us. They are our spiritual wealth. Children teach us the joy of building goodness that will outlive our own. They teach us the joy of loving someone more than self. That love lifts one to give from the abundance of one’s own life to help a child.” Elder Russell M. Nelson (U.S.)


“Today, I invite you to consider that the single most pervasive threat to the stability and future of the family is sexual immorality in all its forms. Nothing would do more to strengthen the families of the world than a resurgence of moral virtue, particularly sexual purity.” Sheri Dew (U.S.)


“This insight helps explain the massive efforts of the polygamous to deprive parents of control over educational programs, especially reproductive health and the sexual education of their adolescent children. In the last decade the rise of abstinence education (monogamy education) immediately galvanized the polygamous culture institutes of the US into massive political counter-attack, culminating with their recent victory in eliminating federal funding for such programs. This despite all the good that came with abstinence: reducing teenage abortions, out of wedlock births and sexually transmitted diseases and increasing educational attainment.” Pat Fagan (U.S.)

“It is virtually accepted dogma among homosexual activists that religion and the Church pose a final obstacle that must be surmounted in order to achieve full ‘recognition.’ Cathy Renna, the former spokeswoman for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) has stated, ‘People often get their views [about homosexuality] from their religion, so we don't want the pulpit saying that being gay is wrong.’ Indeed, radical advocates of homosexual behavior will seek to censor or shut up any voice that disagrees with their views.” Benjamin Bull (U.S.)

“It’s time for a new feminism, ready to hear the message that women around the globe are raising with greater frequency and intensity than ever. That message is: I regret my abortion. Whether in private or in public, women are expressing the shared experience that abortion represents a dead end, an empty promise, a failed experiment, a false hope. For countless women, not only did abortion not solve their problems, but it only created new ones, of a physical, emotional, and spiritual nature.” Janet Morana (U.S.)

“Maternity should be viewed by all as intellectually respectable and emotionally rewarding as well a worthy profession in the marketplace of life. Highly skilled labor is required to guide an ever-changing child. A mother needs patience and inner strength of character, intelligence and a determination to learn, skills and giftedness for creative pursuits, loving commitment to faithful care, and a reservoir of wise and prudent counsel. She must work with her husband to build their family; she must labor faithfully to manage her household; she must nurture her own children.” Dorothy Paterson (U.S.)

“The average person doesn’t see a child in the collection of cells in the petri dish and is lulled into thinking that this member of the human family does not have the status of a human person with the right to life. However, an educated person knows--or should know--that the zygote is a new, absolutely unique human being in its earliest stages of development. That is why scientists want to experiment on it. One of the biggest challenges to the family in the 21st Century is to protect its youngest members and ensure that all of us retain our rights as human persons. If we lose our rights at the beginning of life, how can we get them back when we are older?” Dr. Wanda Franz (U.S.)

“There are four main reasons, then, for ‘demographic winter,’ in order of importance: First, low rates of religious observance, which are associated with low birth rates and high incidence of abortion; second, social benefits so high as to displace gifts within the family, particularly the gift of life; third, legacies of totalitarianism; and finally, finally, heavy reliance on so-called ‘consumption’ taxes, which penalize investment in ‘human capital.’” John Mueller (U.S.)

“A recent United Nations Population Fund report says at least 60 million girls are ‘missing’ in Asia because of sex-selective abortion, infanticide and neglect. The most egregious example is China, where a brutally enforced one-child policy has produced a national ratio of 117 boys born for every 100 girls, with some provinces posting ratios of more than 130 boys per 100 girls. The shortage of girl children is obvious to anyone who visits rural China, as I have recently. Demographers predict that there will be 30 million more Chinese men than women of marriageable age by 2020.” Steve Mosher (U.S.)

“In 1984, we in the Philippines recorded the first case of AIDS, a homosexual male nurse who worked in the USA. At that time, there was no reported case from Thailand yet. The following year, Thailand got their first case with over a hundred in the Philippines. However, the Health Minister of Thailand launched his 100% compulsory condom use especially in Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and other tourist havens.” “Now, after 23 years, look what happened, see the statistics. Thailand with a population of just over 67 million recorded over 1.5 million cases of HIV and AIDS already versus the Philippines of 90 million people with only nearly 4,000 combined reported HIV and AIDS cases.” Dr Rene Buceller (Philippines)

The foregoing is an overview, limited by space, and not meant to reflect on the many fine speakers not quoted. More quotes from Amsterdam will appear in the October newsletter.




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There were screenings of two films of special interest to delegates, – “Fireproof: Don’t Leave Your Partner Behind” – a drama on how to deal with challenges in marriage – and the European premiere of “Demographic Bomb: Demography Is Destiny,” sequel to “Demographic Winter,” which focuses on the contribution of falling birthrates to the current worldwide economic downturn and the role played by the international population control movement.

For more information on “The Demographic Bomb” or
“Demographic Winter,” click here.

For more information on “Fireproof,” click here.

Co-Sponsors and Partners – A Vital Part of WCF V 

World Congress of Families wishes to express its profound gratitude to the Partners and Co-Sponsors who contributed so much to the success of the Amsterdam Congress. They include the largest pro-family groups in the United States, as well as proponents of family values in Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Poland.

U.S. Co-Sponsors of World Congress of Families V were: Alliance Defense Fund, American Family Association, Americans United for Life, Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, Concerned Women for America, Earhart Foundation, Ethics and Public Policy Center, Family First Foundation, Family Research Council, Family Watch International, Fellowship of St. James (Touchstone Magazine), Focus on the Family, GrassTopsUSA, GFC Foundation, His Servants, Home School Legal Defense Association, Human Life International, Latter-Day Saints Foundation, Media Research Center, National Right to Life Committee, Population Research Institute, Priests for Life, Tradition, Family and Property and United Families International.

Co-Sponsors outside the United States were: REAL Women of Canada, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (Canada), Red Familia (the Family Network, Mexico) Alliance for the Family (Latin America and Europe), (Spain), Associazione per la Difesa Dei Valori Cristiani – Luci Sull ‘Est (Association for the Defense of Christian Values, Italy), The Parents Forum of Switzerland and the Fr. Piotr Skarga Institute (Poland).

Many of these groups also co-sponsored WCF IV (Warsaw 2007). Others support the Congress of an ongoing basis as World Congress of Families Partners.

The Declaration of Amsterdam 

In the closing ceremony, World Congress of Families V adopted The Declaration of Amsterdam. Approved by the delegates overwhelmingly, the Declaration is a forthright, concise and eloquent articulation of pro-family principles, thanks primarily to the craftsmanship of Dr. Allan C. Carlson. That such a bold challenge to the reigning political/cultural ethos was issued in the heart of the European Union made it especially significant.

Click here for text and video, The Amsterdam Declaration.

World Congress of Families VI 

The Amsterdam Congress also provided an opportunity to jump-start the process of choosing a city for the next Congress. Possible sites for World Congress of Families VI (2011) include: Canada, the United States, Bolivia, Spain, Italy, Ghana, Nigeria, Latvia, Russia, Australia, Singapore and Malta.

There was a meeting the evening before WCF V convened for a general discussion with representatives of groups considering hosting WCF VI. Discussion included the time table for letters of intent, proposals, the Selection Committee meeting, etc. There were also side meetings with interested parties throughout the Congress.

The International Selection Committee for WCF VI will meet before the end of the year to evaluate the proposals submitted and meet with potential organizing committees for the next Congress.

The Overall Significance of World Congress of Families V

Having a Congress in Amsterdam was an achievement in itself. It’s hard to think of a European city where the social policies of the anti-family left are more firmly entrenched. Raising the standard of the natural family here was a bold move. It also helped Dutch family activists to initiate a national dialogue on issues once thought closed to debate.

There was also more participation by activists from Africa than at any previous Congress, thanks in part to the Abuja Prep-con.

Allan Carlson often describes WCF as an alliance of orthodox believers who disagree with each other on doctrinal matters but can unite in support of the family. Speakers at World Congress of Families V included the Chief Rabbi of the Netherlands, the President of the Pontifical Council on the Family (whose speech was read by a Msgr. Carlos Simon), the Archbishop of Utrecht, a past President of the Southern Baptist Convention, the President of the SBC Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and a member of the Council of Twelve Apostles of the Mormon Church.

Nevertheless, secular speakers dominated the Amsterdam Congress, including those like Pat Fagan (Family Research Council), Philip Longman (New American Foundation) and John Mueller (Ethics and Public Policy Center) noted for their scholarship on issues affecting the family.

The Amsterdam Congress also taught us the difficulties of having a Congress in August, and the challenges of doing a Congress when the host country lacks an effective network of pro-family groups.

Each Congress offers unique challenges and opportunities. Each is a learning experience. We are grateful to members of the Dutch Local Organizing Committee – especially Simon Polinder, Evert-Jan Brouwer and Geert- Jan Poker– for their hard work, patience and perseverance.

Live Video-Streaming of WCF V 

World Congress of Families V (Amsterdam, August 10- 12), was the first Congress to be web-cast live on the Internet with video and audio. More than 3,000 watched the live webcast. Both plenary sessions and panel discussions in the main hall were web-cast live and may also be viewed at ( by following the instructions.

DVDs of the Congress are also available for sale by clicking here.

Entire set of 22 DVDs for $100(includes S&H). Individual DVDs $10 each.

SIECUS Calls WCF “Fringe, But Still Dangerous” 

The Sex Information and Education Council of America (SIECUS) – which supports life-style indoctrination and undermining societal norms in the guise of “sex education” – is about as far removed from the naturalfamily worldview as an organization can get.

SIECUS sent an “opposition researcher” to Amsterdam who filed a series of reports that swung between disinformation and denunciations. Here are excerpts from its final report, titled “World Congress of Families: Fringe, But Still Dangerous”:

• “One should be concerned about WCF, not just because of what they say, but because of what they do: influence domestic and international policy.”

• “The WCF’s mission is to protect ‘the natural family,’ which they define as a nuclear family with a father and mother and children. This outdated worldview discriminates against women, is homophobic and upholds an offensive and outdated patriarchical system. Yet, the WCF has succeeded in institutionalizing this model, most recently in Romania where, last month, the government enacted the country’s new civil code, defining marriage as only between a man and a woman.”

• “And these attacks are not just focused on more conservative countries. Even in a liberal bastion such as the Netherlands, not only do they want to limit marriage to only for a man and a woman, they want stricter restrictions on divorce and they want to take away the right of gay couples to adopt.”

• “Such extreme views are anathema to a rights-based society that respects and values the individual. And it is this very rights-based framework that the WCF and its organizers seek to dismember in favor of a theocratic and ideological order.”

SIECUS seeks to abolish the natural family in favor of a utopian vision that has contributed to an unwed pregnancy rate of 40% in the United States, and where 8,000 teens contract a new sexually transmitted disease every day.

The World Population Fund and something called CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality collaborated with SIECUS in what was designated “a response to the World Congress of Families.”

Click here to read the entire report.

World Congress of Families V Donors  

The World Congress of Families gratefully acknowledges the following foundations and individuals whose generous support made Amsterdam 2009 a reality:

Alberto and Christine Vollmer

American Values

Bradley Foundation

Caryl Crahan (in memory of her husband Marcus Crahan, Jr.)

Catholic Citizens of Illinois

David Swain, Jr.

Don Schmierer

Earhart Foundation

Fieldstead & Company

Frederic Clark

George Marlin

GFC Foundation

Gilbert and Janice Crouse

Herbert Hansen

Heritage Foundation

Jack and Mary Wheatley

Jaren Hiller

John and Connie McCartney

John and Dena Koehler

John and Janice Fisher

Kirk Boyenga

Knights of Columbus

Mary Ellen Smoot

Michael and Lindy Keiser

Norman McClelland

aige and Dorothy Patterson

Religious Freedom Coalition

Robert and Mary Galvin

Rodney Brady

Russell Van Cleve

Sigmund and Sarah Bachmann

Sunmark Foundation

Terry and Mary Kohler

Thomas Humphris

Warren and Virginia Babcock

Warren Rothwell

William Andrews (special gift for Live Web-Streaming)

Demonstration In Madrid - 17 Oct 2009 

After government approval of a draft version of a new abortion law, more than 40 Spanish organizations, representing over 4 million families, announced an October 17 demonstration against the proposed law, in Madrid.

At a June press conference, the President of Fundación Mujer, Familia y Trabajo, Gloria Yuste, read a manifesto, which will also be read on the day of the demonstration. The manifesto – A Defense of Life, Women and Maternity – stresses not only the importance of supporting pregnant women and of providing a voice for the unborn child, but also the role of maternity in Spanish society today.

The Spanish group Foro Espanol de la Familia (the Spanish Family Forum) hopes pro-life/pro-family groups in other countries will endorse its petition.

Click Here to read the Petition in it’s entirety, in English.

For more information on the Oct. 17 demonstration, and to endorse the petition, contact Lourdes del Fresno at

DVDs Available of Second International Anti-Euthanasia Symposium   

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition – a World Congress of Families Partner – held a highly successful Second International Symposium on euthanasia and assisted suicide in the Washington, D.C.-area on May 29-30.

The Symposium focused on the rhetoric and strategy of the international euthanasia lobby and how to counter it.

The Second-International Symposium DVD set is available for $49. This six DVD set includes all the talks from the Second-International Symposium on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide.

Special Offer: Order one Second-International Symposium DVD set and one First-International Symposium DVD set for $70 or Order one Second-International Symposium DVD set and one Turning the Tide DVD set for $70.

Click here for more information on the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.

WCF Circulates Petition In Defense of Marriage in Albania  

World Congress of Families is currently collecting the signatures of pro-family/prolife leaders and scholars on a “Petition In Support of Marriage In Albania.” The Albanian government has announced that it is preparing legislation to legalize same-sex marriage.

The WCF petition notes (in part) that: The nation’s religious leaders – Catholic, Orthodox and Muslim – oppose the move. Any attempt to re-define marriage will inevitably weaken an institution that is the foundation for a just and prosperous society.

“Same-sex marriage” severs the bond between marriage and child-bearing, by applying the label to couples who – by their very nature – are incapable of procreation. A threat to the family anywhere is a threat to the family everywhere.

“Therefore, we the undersigned profamily leaders, scholars, activists and officeholders from around the world state our unequivocal support for the natural family and our opposition to any attempt to redefine marriage or the family. We call on the Albanian government to listen to the voice of the people – and the nation’s religious leaders – and withdraw its proposal to legalize same-sex marriage.”

Click here to read the Petition in Support of Marriage In Albania

To add your name, contact Don Feder at

In 2008 – at the request of the Alliance for Romania’s Families – World Congress of Families circulated a similar petition in support of marriage in Romania, which helped to persuade the Romanian Parliament to amend its civil code to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman and to ban so-called gay marriage.


4th Pro-Life World Congress In Saragossa, Spain (6-8 Nov 2009)  

The 4th. Pro-life World Congress will take place in Saragossa, Spain, November 6-8. The theme of the Congress is “Public Awareness: A Symphony for Life.” Defense of the unborn will be explored from medical, judicial, political, ethical and anthropological perspectives.

The Congress’s objectives include: Detecting new and successful approaches to raise awareness of the value of life – Defending the right of mothers to continue their pregnancies with the help of society and government – Promoting sound medical research to stop the destruction of and traffic in human embryos – Serving as a venue for national pro-life leaders to discuss and agree on common policies and strategies at the international level.

Speakers will include Ramon Lucas Lucas (professor of philosophical and bioethical anthropology, Gregorian University of Rome), Alejandro Leal Esquivel (professor of human genetics, University of Costa Rica), Dr. Maria Concepcion Morales Peralta (internist and president of Pro-Life Cuba), Anna Zaborska (chairman, Commission on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, European Parliament), Carlo Casini (member of the European Parliament), Julia Regina de Cardenal (president, Foundation, Yes to Life, El Salvador), Richard Stith (professor of law, Valparaiso University, U.S,), and John Smeaton (Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, U.K.), as well as pro-life leaders from Argentina, Croatia, Chile and Uganda.

Previous Congresses were held in Madrid (2003), Lima, Peru (2005) and Mexico (2007). The 5th Congress will be held in Nicaragua in 2011.

For more information on the 4th. Pro-Life World Congress (in English and Spanish),

go to or e-mail


Voice: 815-964-5819  |  |  934 North Main Street, Rockford, Illinois  61103


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