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Opening Remarks



Katarzyna Mazela


Remarks to Opening Session of The World Congress of Families IV, Warsaw, Poland, May 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Friends,

I have the pleasure to be your host in Warsaw, Poland, the motherland of John Paul II – the Pope of the families, who, in building the civilization of life, put the family in a central place.

Today again, the world is turning towards Warsaw and Poland to whose history is inscribed the devotion to the value of the family and family life. Over here, together, we can repeat John Paul II’s words that the future of humanity goes through family. This eminent heritage obligates us to further systematic work and sets the direction of activities.

The World Congress of Families IV, the first in a member-state of the New Europe, with the patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland, is a manifestation for the support of the families.

The presence at the Congress of Sejm Speaker and Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland is a great honor for us.

At the Congress, we also have the honor to host and listen to many representatives of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland, the European Parliament and representatives of the world of politics from member-states, who participate in the International Forum of Parliamentarians organized under the patronage of Sejm and Senate Speakers of the Republic of Poland to mark the World Congress of Families IV.

I must stress that over one hundred MPs of the European Parliament have sent messages of support supported to the World Congress of Families IV, which, before it had started its debates, became the subject of attack from several Euro-deputies – opponents of the institution of the family. The Family, which is the natural union, based on marriage, a union of woman and man, open to transferring of life.

By referring to the inter-parliamentary forum I want to stress the significance of the World Congress of Families IV. Interest in the Congress manifested by the parliamentarians and their active support show that they treat with respect and prestige numerous non-governmental organizations and families engaged in the organization of this world event.

On the other hand, the presence of many families and non-governmental organizations from Poland as well as other countries is evidence that that they want to share their reflections and experiences and common care for family with the representatives of the world of politics present at the Congress.

On all continents, irrespective of the socio-economic situation the family, this natural union, is the center of social good and the place of generating human capital.  The family is also the best school in which we learn the true freedom and responsibility. And here I must stress another key aspect: in the family we learn the unconditional respect for human life from the moment of conception to natural death. We cannot separate respect for human life from the family because they form two sides of the same medal.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends,

The future of humanity goes through family. The family, and in it each child, even without an identity card (passport), is the hope, the sign that humanity will not fall. It is all the community of love. That is why we will give the floor to families that have experience in creating strong inter-generation links, love and peace, which are the guarantee of social development.

This Congress is the chance to present the achievements in academic research over family and also a forum for the exchange of experiences between groups and individuals operating actively for family and protection of the right to life of every human being from conception to natural death.

Cordial words of greeting I direct in particular to the journalists who came to the World Congress of Families in such a large numbers. It is the journalists who have an important influence on forming social opinion and here together with them we will try to answer whether the media are a threat or an opportunity for the family.

The speakers at the Congress, including academics, experts, politicians – parents in their private lives -- will present topics concerning the economic situation of the family, upbringing of children and also relating it to the significance of mother’s work at home. I must stress that the new feminism recognizes the upbringing and taking care of the home as the mother’s work at home, which it recognizes and fully respects.  The Congress will be a forum for discussion and exchange of experiences on the official recognition as work – unpaid upbringing of children by mothers.

We must not forget about the appreciation of the role of the father in the family, also about finding the answer to the question about the model of modern man, the father of the family who shows his children the right way, leading them to their happy life.

Ladies and Gentlemen

The meeting of over 3,500 people who came from all around the Word confirms that we want to work together to strengthen awareness of irreplaceable role and place the family occupies in the society. We also want to encourage the families to unite in order to protect and consolidate their rights.

I invite you to participate in the World Congress of Families IV which gives the possibilities of integration, exchange of experiences, presentation of achievements and creative debate over the problems of family in the world and finding of positive solutions.

I wish you all rich experiences, deepening of knowledge, drawing of inspiration and motivation for further activity in the service of family as to make the role of the family increasingly appreciated and recognized in the today’s world.

I hope that the World Congress of Families IV would also be a time spent in a nice and true family climate.






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