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 The Kenya Petition 

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Whereas citizens of Kenya will be voting on a new constitution in an August 4 referendum

Whereas said Constitution includes language which overturns present Kenyan law prohibiting abortion except to save the mother’s life

Whereas Section 26 of the Constitution allows abortion when, in the "opinion of a trained health professional there is need for emergency treatment, or the life or health of the mother is in danger, or if permitted by any other written law"

Whereas the Kenyan Constitution fails to define "health" and keeping in mind the World Health Organization (WHO) definition: "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity"

Whereas any health professional, including nurses and midwives, can decide if a woman’s health is at risk

Whereas Western style language legalizing abortion was inserted into the Kenyan constitution by nine voting members of the Committee of Experts, which included three non-Kenyans, and was rejected by Kenyan Parliamentarians in the draft process

Whereas numerous UN entities have pressured Kenya to legalize abortion and section 59 of the constitution establishes the independent Kenya National Human Rights & Equality Commission to "act as the principal organ of the State in ensuring compliance with obligations under treaties and conventions relating to human rights"

Whereas abortion does more to jeopardize a mother’s health (including making her more susceptible to breast cancer) than does carrying a child to term

Whereas that the real threat to maternal health in Kenya comes from unassisted childbirth and lack of access to emergency obstetric care,

Whereas abortion can result in blood loss and infection and inflict harm to women physically, emotionally and psychologically

Whereas Ireland has a strict life of the mother exception for abortion and has the world’s lowest maternal mortality rate

Whereas traditional Kenyan values recognize the dignity of all members of the family, including the unborn child, and polls have demonstrated that a majority of Kenyans oppose legalizing abortion

Whereas mothers in Kenya deserve support and assistance during pregnancy and childbirth

Therefore, the undersigned pro-family and pro-life leaders urge Kenyans to consider the consequences of enacting a constitution which would, in reality, allow unlimited access to abortion and result in the destruction of countless unborn children and injury to women

We declare our solidarity with those Kenyans who are standing up for the most vulnerable among us – the unborn child and his or her mother – and support the "No" campaign.


Organizations Listed for Identification Purposes Only

1. Babette Francis – Overseas Coordinator, Endeavour Forum (Australia)

2. Ted Baehr – Chairman. Christian Film & Television Commission

3. Peter Costea – Alliance for Romania’s Families

4. Rev. Vasile Filat – Pro-Family Coalition of Moldova

5. Linda Harvey – President, Mission America

6. Christopher Carmouche – Executive Director, GrassTopsUSA

7. Paul Diamond – Christian Legal Centre and Christian Concern for Our Nation (UK)

8. David Eaton – Family Values Organization (UK)

9. Tom DeLay – Former Majority Leader, U.S. House of Representatives

10. Bob Lalonde – Priests for Life

11. Larry Jacobs – Managing Director, World Congress of Families

12. Don Feder – Communications Director, World Congress of Families

13. Stephen Mosher – President, Population Research Institute

14. Allan Carlson – International Secretary, World Congress of Families

15. Bogdan I. Stanciu – National Federation of Orthodox Pro-Life Associations from Romania

16. Sharon Slater – President, Family Watch International

17. Rob Schwarzwalder – Senior Vice President, Family Research Council

18. C. Preston Noell – Tradition, Family And Property

19. Rudolf Schmidheiny – Coordinator, Parents Forum, Switzerland

20. Wendy Wright – President, Concerned Women for America

21. Christine Dupuis – International Relations, Action for the Family, Co-Founder, CDF (Belgium)

22. Benjamin Bull – Executive Vice President, Alliance Defense Fund

23. Marie-Claire Hernandez – Board Member, Former President, Family and Society (Mexico)

24. Phillip L. Jauregui – President, Judicial Action Group

25. Ferdinand Antunez – Board of International Advisors, The Foundation For Christian Civilization

26. Austin Ruse – President, Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute

27. Raymond L. Flynn – Former Mayor of Boston and Former United States Ambassador to the Vatican

28. Deal W. Hudson – President, Catholic Advocate

29. Niall Kennedy – Unum Omnes, International Council of Catholic Men, International Alliance of Catholic Knights

30. Mike Huckabee – Former Arkansas Governor

31. Alicia Latorre – President, Spanish Federation of Pro-Life Organizations

32. Floyd Brown – President, Western Center for Journalism

33. Rev. Dave Welch – Executive Director, U.S. Pastor Council

34. Gwendolyn Landolt – National Vice President, REAL Women of Canada

35. Gunta Irbe – Lutherans for Life in Latvia, Organizer Riga Family Forum

36. Father Thomas Euteneuer – President, Human Life International

37. Joseph Meaney – Director of International Coordination, Human Life International

38. Janet Porter – Founder and President, Faith2Action

39. Francisco Tatad – Former Cabinet Minister and Senator, The Philippines

40. Ma. Fenny C. Tatad – The Philippines

41. Molly White – Executive Director, Women for Life International

42. Larisa I. Ftime – Chair, Association Pro-Life Media

43. William May – Catholics for the Common Good

44. Lucia Lombana – La Fundacion para Ancianos Concepcion Beistrgui

45. Maria Teresa Magallanes Villarreal – Center for the Study of Sciences Related to the Family (Mexico)

46. Michael Duff – President, United Families International

47. Lourdes Begne – Family Network (Mexico)

48. Margaret Hartshorn – President, Heartbeat International

49. Mathew Staver – Founder and Chairman, Liberty Counsel

50. Terri Johannessan – State Director, CWFA, Florida

51. William L. Saunders Jr. – Senior Vice President and Senior Counsel, Americans United for Life

52. Dr. Wanda Franz Ph.D. – President, National Right To Life Committee

53. Ann Hettinger – State Director, CWFA Texas

54. Leticia Gonzales Luna – Public Voice (Mexico City)

55. Penny Harrington – Director for Legislation, CWFA California

56. Phyllis Nemeth – State Director, California CWFA

57. Randy Thomasson – President, Campaign for Children and Families, and Save California

58. Javier Castaneda Monter – Actualizacion Humana (Mexico)

59. Barbara J. Ferraro – State Director, CWFA Hawaii

60. Chris Meney – Director, Life, Marriage and Family Centre, Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney

61. Sheri Miller – State Director CWFA North Carolina

62. RT. Hon. Jeffrey Donaldson – MP, House of Commons, London

63. John Smeaton – National Director, Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (UK)

64. Eileen Macapanas Cosby – Founder, Filipino Family Fund

65. Tom Jessen – Saint Paul Respect Life Committee

66. Janet Morana – Co-founder, Silent No More Campaign

67. Vicky Gunn – Executive Director, Christian Heritage Party of Canada

68. Barbara Lyons – Executive Director, Wisconsin Right To Life

69. Barth E. Barcy – Rhode Island Right To Life Committee

70. Teresa McCann-Tumidajski – Executive Director, Maine Right To Life Committee

71. Pat Conklin – President, Illinois Right To Life

72. Brian Johnston – California Pro-Life Council

73. Scott Fischbach – Executive Director, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life Global Outreach

74. Elsie Smoluk – Steering Committee Member, CWFA North Carolina

75. William J. Murray – Chairman, Religious Freedom Coalition

76. Jo Tolck – Executive Director, Human Life Alliance

77. Lena Arvidsson-Artman – Chairman, The Free Synod of the Church of Sweden

78. Maggie Disney – Virginia Society for Human Life Inc.

79. John-Henry Westen – Co-Founder and Editor in Chief, LifeSiteNews.com

80. Patti Kanduch – State Director, CWFA, Montana

81. Tony Mifud – Coordinator, Malta Unborn Child Movement

82. Ignacio Arsuaga – President of Hazte Oir.org – Speak Out (Spain)

83. Allan E. Parker – President, The Justice Foundation

84. Javier Y. Alicia Sancedo – John Paul II Movement for The Family (Mexico)

85. Judy Smith – State Director, CWFA, Kansas

86. Christine Vollmer – President Latin American Alliance for the Family, Member of the Pontifical Council for the Family, Member of the Pontifical Academy for Life

87. Dr. John Howard – Founder The Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society

88. Anthony Busk – Chairman, March of Repentance (UK)

89. Angela Martin – Executive Director – Maryland Right to Life

90. Maria del Rocio Bedolla Tamayo – National President, Women’s Network to Develop Justice and Peace (Mexico)

91. Dana Cody – President and Executive Director, Life Legal Defense Foundation

92. Joseph L. DeCook – Vice President and Director of Operations, American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists

93. Gadir Joya – President, Right To Life (Spain)

94. Denise Montenay – Founder/President Canada Silent No More

95. Rabbi Daniel Lapin – President, American Alliance of Jews and Christians

96. Silvio Dalla Valle – Executive Director, Associazione per la Difesa Dei Valori Cristiani – Luci Sull’Est (Association for the Defense of Christian Values, Italy)

97. Dr. Obielumani Ideh – President, Doctors Health Initiative (Nigeria)

98. Jennifer Lahl – National Director, The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network

99. Dana Rosemary Scallon – Former Member, European Union Parliament, representing Ireland

100. Prince Dr. Philip C. Njemanze – Chairman, African Anti-Abortion Coalition, Global Pro-life Alliance

101. Janet Robey – CWFA Virginia

102. Francisco J. Gonzaler Garza – President and Executive, Associacion A favor de lo Mejor

103. Larry Cirgnano – Faithful Catholic Citizens

104. Cathy Dowling MD – Catholic Medical Association

105. Phyllis Schlafly – Eagle Forum

106. Patrice J. Pederson – President, The Family Caucus

107. Damon Cudihy MD – Center for Women’s Health, Camp Hill, PA

108. Margaret Yates RN – Central Maine Fertility Care Services

109. Norman Mendoza-Alexandry – Latin American Coordinator, Family Watch International

110. Fr. Jorge E. Mujica – Analisis y Actualidad

111. Shelah Hockman – Board Secretary, Shiawassee County Right To Life

112. David C. Reardon PhD. – Elliot Institute

113. Theresa Okafor – Foundation for African Cultural Heritage

114. Elard Koch – Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine, & Primary Care, Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile

115. Patricia J. Thompson – Central California Area Director, CWFA

116. Maureen Richardson – State Director, CWFA Washington State

117. Patricia Lee June, M.D. – Member of the Board of Directors, American College of Pediatricians, Member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee, Presbyterians Pro-Life

118. Ignacio Ferraro – Spanish Pro-Life Association

119. Tom Benton, M.D. – Fellow, American College of Pediatricians

120. Marie Tasy – Executive Director, New Jersey Right to Life

121. Lealani Mae Acosta, M.D. – Resident Physician, Department of Neurology, University of Virginia Health System

122. Hanna Klaus, M.D. – Natural Family Planning Center of Washington D.C. and Teen STAR Program

123. Rabbi Dr. Shimon Cowen – Institute for Judaism and Civilization (Melbourne, Australia)

124. Slawomir Olejniczak – President, Fr. Piotr Skarga Social and Religious Education Institute (Poland)

125. Chizoba Nnagboh – Chairman, Catholic Laity Council of Nigeria, Director, Human Life International, Nigeria

126. Hon. Kevin Andrews -- Member of Parliament, Australia, Shadow Minister for Families, Housing and Human Services

127. Brian D. Wippermann, M.D., -- Asst. Chief, Dept. of Emergency Medicine, Chair, North Valley Integrated Acute Care Quality Committee, Kaiser Foundation Hospital, Sacramento, CA.

128. Kola Olusola – Safe Internet Initiative (Nigeria)

129. Sonnie Ekwowusi, Ph.D. – Project for Human Development (Nigeria)

130. Jim Hughes – President, Campaign Life Coalition (Canada), Vice President, International Right To Life Federation

131. Dr. Rick Scarborough – President, Vision America Action

132. April Hyman – Director of Client Services, Pregnancy Center of Pinellas County, Florida

133. Chantal Epie – Chairperson, Nigerian Association for Women’s Advancement

134. Leopold M. Kadima – General Secretary, Association for the Family (Congo)

135. Gaston Asitaki – Director General, Congolese Center for Studies and Research for the Family

136. Mariane Bishara, M.D. – Staff Physician, Bay Pines V.V. Medical Center, Life Coach, Pregnancy Center, Largo, Florida

137. Ewa Kowalewska – President, Forum of Polish Women, Human Life International, Poland

138. Antoni Szymanski, Senator of the Sixth Term of the Senate, Republic of Poland and Head of Senate Committee for Family and Social Policy

139. Lech Kowalewski – President of the Foundation Friends of Human Life Club, Board Member, International Right to Life Federation

140. Shirley Baucom – Executive Director, Care Net Manasota Pregnancy Center

141. Robin May – New Life Solutions, St. Petersburg, Florida

142. Kevin D. Roberts – Founder and Executive Director, Catholic Families for America

143. Connie Pratt – President, Colorado Citizens for Life

144. Francisco J. Gonzalez Garza – President, In Favor of The Best in The Media (Mexico)

145. Jim Martin – Chairman, 60 Plus Association

146. Fr. Maxim Obukhov – ZHIZN Pro-Life Centers (Russia)

147. Colin Hanna – President, Let Freedom Ring

148. Richard A. Viguerie – Chairman, ConservativeHQ.com

149. United for Life and the Family – Guatemala

150. James C. Dobson, Ph.D. – Founder and President, Family Talk

151. Dr. Richard Land – President, Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission

152. Audrey Stout, RN, RDMS – National Nurse Management Consultant, National Institute of Family and Life Advocates

153. Melissa Ring – National Outreach Director, SaveOne Abortion Recovery

154. Michelle Snoek – Coach to International Ministries. Life International

155. Dr. Janie Shaw Crouse, Ph.D. – Director and Senior Fellow, The Beverly LaHaye Institute

156. Penny Nance – CEO, Concerned Women for America

157. Stephen Stone – President, Renew America

158. Sandy Christiansen, M.D. – Christian Medical and Dental Association, American Association of Pro-Life OB/GYNs

159. Karen Malec – President, Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer

160. Georgette Forney – President, Anglicans for Life, Co-founder, Silent No More Awareness Campaign

161. Cindy Honcoop – Washington State, Eagle Forum

162. Tom Minnery – Senior Vice President of Government and Public Policy, Focus on the Family

163. Richard Farnsworth – Member of the Board of Directors, PATH (Post-Abortion Treatment And Healing)

164. Jonathan Imbody – Vice President for Government Relations, Christian Medical Association

165. Rev. Terry Gensemer – International Director of CEC (Charismatic Episcopal Church) For Life

166. Andrea Lafferty – Executive Director, Traditional Values Coalition

167. Martha Shuping, M.D. – Board Member, PATH (Post Abortion Treatment and Healing) Inc.

168. Professor Nicholas Tonti-Filippini – John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family (East Melbourne, Australia)

169. Bishop E.W. Jackson, Sr. – President, S.T.A.N.D. America

170. Dr. Teresa Yin-Ping – President, Women for Life Taiwan

171. Rabbi Noson S. Leiter – Executive Director, Torah Jews for Decency

172. Rabbi Yehuda Levin – Rabbinical Alliance of America

173. Alberto Vollmer – former Venezuelan Ambassador to the Vatican

174. Dympna C. Ezeani – Happy Home Foundation (Nigeria)

175. Katarzyna Mazela – Vice President, Forum of Polish Women

176. Dorota Czudowska – Former Senator, Republic of Poland

177. Diana Braden – Abstinence Program Coordinator for Genesis Life (Romania)

178. James Asamoah – Asana – President, African Family Policy Center (Ghana)

179. Isabel Hillestad – Institutt for Familiepolitikk Norge (Norway)

180. Bernadette Smyth – Director of Precious Life Ireland

181. Steven Ertelt – Editor and CEO, LifeNews.com

182. Steve Smoot – Family First Foundation

183. Lola Velarde – President of the European Network, Institute for Family Policies

184. Federación de Mujeres para la Paz Mundial (WFWP)

185. W. Dorenbos-de Lange – Director Schreeuw om Leven Hulpverlening

186. Dr. Mrs Betty Ruth Ngozi Iruloh, Endeavour Forum (Women for life international) Port Harcourt representative in Nigeria

187. Justina Okogun – OOSAIF (Okogun Odigie Safewomb International Foundation) Abuja, Nigeria... Adding Values To Life

188. Rebekah Ali-Gouveia—Founder of Elpis Centre

189. Sara Ballenger—Founder of Capitol Hill Prayer Partners

190. Mark Crutcher—President of Life Dynamics, Inc.

191. Father John Fleming, PhD—Adjunct Professor at Southern Cross Bioethics Institute, Australia

192. Anne Fox—President of Massachusetts Citizens for Life

193. Fons Janssen—Campaign Director of 40 Days for Life, Australia

194. Jeff Koloze, PhD—President of Clark County (Ohio) Right to Life

195. Ide Nic Mhathuna—Campaign Coordinator for Youth Defence, Ireland

196. Cathy Price—President of St. Mary’s Pro-Life Ministry

197. Eve Silver—Founder of International Coalition of Color for Life

198. Paula Westwood—Executive Director of Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati

199. Ann Whitaker—Hon. Sec. Cornwall’s Community Standards Association, UK

200. Francis Zapatka—University Faculty for Life Board of Advisors

201. Pastor Sergiu M. Bradean—Zion Baptist Church, Romania

202. Joyce Archer—Vice President of Right to Life of Shiawassee Co.


No Organization Listed

1. Darlene Adamo, USA

2. Kathleen Alberque, USA

3. Mary P. Anthony, USA

4. Daniel J. Ayre, USA

5. Valerie Blohm, USA

6. George Boboc, Romania

7. Michel Cacchione, Canada

8. Dean Clark, Canada

9. Virginia M. Clark, USA

10. Grace Colella, USA

11. Sharon Di Piazza, USA

12. Docily, USA

13. Grace Eckhardt, USA

14. D. Fazekas, USA

15. Alba Fernandez, USA

16. Peter Ferrans, USA

17. Gilda Fusilier, USA

18. J.A. Gray, USA

19. Jacob Green, USA

20. Robert Hoy, USA

21. Mara Hubbard, USA

22. Rebecca Hutson, USA

23. Michael Johnson, USA

24. William J. Johnston, Canada

25. Treasa van Ommen Kloeke, Australia

26. Edmund Leong, Singapore

27. W. Liput, USA

28. Bert Lorentz, USA

29. Erik Merriman, USA

30. Ike Nnaedozie, Nigeria

31. Mark and Karen O'Byrne, UK

32. Jerome D. Pickard, USA

33. William Ransom, USA

34. Dale L. Sawyer, USA

35. Virginia Crook Schofield, USA

36. Gail E. Smith, USA

37. Maureen Sullivan, Canada

38. P.A. Sylvester, USA

39. Sharron Thayer, USA

40. Alvin A. Thompson, USA

41. Patricia A. Thompson, USA

42. Laretta M. Weltsch, USA

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