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Family Update, Online!

Volume 05  Issue 51 21 December 2004
Topic: Family Update Online! Fund Drive

Family Fact: Around The World

Family Quote: At The Strategic Center


Family Fact of the Week: Around The World TOP of PAGE

You are one of over 8,000 e-mail subscribers around the world that receive The Family Update Online! from The Howard Center. 

(Source: The Howard Center for Family, Religion, and Society.)

Family Quote of the Week: At The Strategic Center TOP of PAGE

“The Howard Center is at the center of an emerging conservative religious and political strategy for families.” 

(Source: Don Browning, Marriage and Modernization: How Globalization Threatens Marriage and What To Do About It, Grand Rapids: Wm. B. Eerdmans) 

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The Howard Center and The World Congress of Families stock a number of pro-family books, including Family Questions: Reflections on the American Social Crisis, by Howard Center president Allan C. Carlson. Please visit:

    The Howard Center Bookstore   

 Call: 1-815-964-5819    USA: 1-800-461-3113    Fax: 1-815-965-1826    Contact: Bookstore 

934 North Main Street Rockford, Illinois 61103


We are taking a break from our normal weekly pro-family email and research abstract, “Family Update Online!” to invite you to join with us to make an eternal difference in our world and in the lives of families. 

We hope you enjoy the family issues, facts and analysis that are shared with you through our weekly email service, “Family Update.  This service is provided by the Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society, free of charge to over 8,000 pro-family supporters around the world.  Unfortunately, the cost of writing, producing and emailing this weekly letter is not free.  As we approach the end of our fiscal year, we remind you that we need to raise more than $25,000 year to keep operating this service and the other pro-family resources on our website. Accordingly, I invite you to make a gift or pledge to the Howard Center. To donate online, please visit us at www.profam.org/THC/xthc_join.htm.

We will be tracking our Family Update Online! fund goal of $25,000 through the end of January.  Our goal can be met, if only 7% of our email readers contribute $50 or more!!!  Again, please donate by clicking on this link: www.profam.org/THC/xthc_join.htm.

Our mission is clear:  We proclaim and celebrate the natural family as the fundamental social unit. Through our work, we show how family and religious faith are the foundations of a virtuous and free society. We defend the autonomy and fecundity of the natural family from its foes:  the sexual radicals; militant feminism; the population controllers; and the socialist left.

However, for this work to continue and grow, we dearly need your support.  Lean and frugal, operating out of a small Midwestern city, refusing to accept government funds, we rely on the generosity of good folk such as you. So please consider a gift to support Family Update Online! and reach our goal of $25,000 (donate at www.profam.org/THC/xthc_join.htm). As foes and friends testify alike, The Howard Center is specially positioned to protect those things—traditional marriage, children, grandchildren, the home, vital faith—that you hold dear.  Your collaboration and your help at this time is deeply appreciated.



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