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 Mexico 2004:  Speakers  


Aguirre, Maria Sophia, Ph.D. (USA): Department of Economics and Business, Catholic University
"Effective Measures Against Poverty" 
[PowerPoint file requires MS ie 4.0 or above]

Baehr, Theodore, Ph.D. (USA): Publisher, Movieguide®; CEO, The Christian Film & Television Commission™
"The Media's Responsibility Towards The Family and Society"

Cardon,  Craig A. (USA): Chairman of the Board, United Families International
"The Family A Source of Untold Wealth"

Carlson,  Allan C. Ph.D. (USA): President, The Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society
"Why Are We Here?"

Colchester, Charlie (UK): International Director CARE (Christian Action Research and Education)
"The Bioethical Challenge: a political and social overview"

Crouse, Janice Ph.D. (USA): Senior Fellow, Beverly LaHaye Institute - Concerned Women for America
"Feminism and the Family"

Euteneuer, Rev. Thomas J. (USA): President Human Life International
"The Natural Family and the Future of Nations: Growth, Development and Freedom"

Fay, Calvina L. (USA): Executive Director, Drug Free America Foundation, Inc.
"Drug Legalization in the New Millennium and its Impact on Communities"

Feder, Don (USA): Don Feder Associates, Writer & Former Syndicated Columnist - Boston Herald
"The Family in the Media's Myopic Eye"

Francis, Babette  (Australia): Coordinator, Endeavour Forum
"The Plight of Boys"

Gold, Rabbi Michael
"The Decision to Love"

Hartman, David A.
"Diagnosing the Impending European Population Implosion"

Hassan, Farooq, D.Phil.; B. A. Juris., M.A., M.Litt (Pakistan): International Legal Consultant, Professor and Barrister
"International Criminal Court: Family Related Issues"

Hojat, Mohammadreza , Ph.D. (USA)
"Development of Prosocial Behavior and Empathy In the Hand that Rocks the Cradle"

Holman, Thomas B., Ph.D(USA): Professor of Marriage, Family, and Human Development at Brigham Young University
"Strengthening Young Adults’ Marriages Begins in the Home"

Horn, Wade, Ph.D. (USA): Assistant Secretary for Children and Families, US Department of Health and Human Services
"My Family Story"

Howard, John A., Ph.D. (USA): Senior Fellow, The Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society
"Thoughts About A Pro-Family Think Tank"

Landolt, Gwen (Canada): Vice-President, Real Women of Canada, Attorney and UN Activist
"Keeping Family in the UN’s Agenda"

Manion, Christopher, Ph.D. (USA): Director, Obscenity Treaty Project, Morality in Media
"Pornography: Breaking the International Network"

Mosher, Steven W. (USA): President, Population Research Institute
"Unto the Least of These My Brethren: U.S. Population Control Policy"

Prentice, David A., Ph.D. (USA): Professor Life Sciences, Indiana State University
"Human Cloning"   [PowerPoint file requires MS ie 4.0 or above]

Sauerbrey, Ellen (USA): US Ambassador, United Nations Commission on the Status of Women
"UN and Family Policy"

Saunders, William L., J.D. (USA): Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Human Life and Bioethics, FRC
"Toward a Culture of Life - Abortion, Biotechnology & Cloning"
"Family, Culture & Globalization"

Semin, Michal (Czech Republic): Co-founder and Director, Civic Institute of the Czech Republic
"Modernity Is Unisex"

Slesere, S. E. Inesse (Latvia)
"Public and Private Policies That Suit the Family"

Sprigg, Peter S.  (USA): Senior Director of Policy Studies, Family Research Council, Washington, DC, USA
"Homosexuality: The Threat to the Family and the Attack on Marriage"

Vining, John Kie, D. Min.  (USA): Director of the Center for Family Ministries, Church of God
"Family in Different Religions: The Pentecostal Family"

Vollmer, Madamme Christine de
"Towards a new paradigm: Searching for New Development Actions"

Zodhiates, Philip (USA): Response Unlimited, Inc.
"Mobilizing the Masses"






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