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23-25 Nov 2010 – "Family as a Value: in Religion, Tradition and Modernity," International conference sponsored by The Journalists and Writers Foundation,  to be held in Istanbul, Turkey.  
Click here for more information: http://www.gyv.org.tr/index.php/main/menu/menuid/99.

2-3 Jun 2010 – "Family Values Conference," Co-sponsored by World Congress of Families.  The conference will be held at Baden Powell House, 65–67 Queen's Gate, Kensington, London, England. Contact Don Feder at dfeder@rcn.com  for more information.

May 4, 2010 Riga Family Forum, Riga, Latvia.
Contact Marika Bertule at marikabertule@inbox.lv or Larry Jacobs at larry@worldcongress.org .

11 Feb 2010, 12 noon – "The Future of the Family in Africa," Howard Center Roundtable Lunch (University Club, Rockford, Illinois),  special guest, Dr. Theresa Okafor, Abuja, Nigeria.  Visit http://www.fach-ng.org/  for more background on Dr. Okafor.
Contact Carol Griesbach at carol@profam.org for more information. 

5 Feb 2010 – “The Future of American Culture,” Allan C. Carlson will be speaking at the Reagan Symposium at Regent University: http://www.regent.edu/events/calendar/event_details.cfm?event_id=705 .  Other speakers include: Harley Arkes, Amherst College; Paul Cantor, University of Virginia; Charles Kesler, Claremont-McKenna College; Wilfred McClay, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga; Jean Behtke Elshtain, University of Chicago; Ken Myers, Mars Hill Audio, and George Wiegel, Ethics and Public Policy Center (http://www.regent.edu/acad/schgov/distinctives/reagan_symposium.cfm) .

15 Jan 2010 – “Annual Life Breakfast” event becomes special, one-time Pro-Life Banquet at Holy Family Church.  Rev. Thomas Euteneuer, from Human Life International is the featured speaker.  Contact Carol Greisbach at carol@profam.org .


4 Dec 2009 "The Crushing Burden Of Student Loans On Family Formation For Generation X+", Allan C. Carlson lecture at Family Research Council in Washington, DC. Click here for a copy of Allan's speech, or PowerPoint presentation.

6-7 Nov 2009 – Pro- Life World Congress, Saragossa, Spain

6 Nov 2009 – The ‘Roundtable Lunch’ • “The Family in America: Retrospective and Prospective [html]   [.doc]

10-12 Aug 2009 – World Congress of Families V in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

11 Jul 2009 – G.K. Chesterton Institute International Conference: A Distributist View of the Global Economic Crisis

18-20 Jun 2009 – National Right to Life Convention in Charlotte, NC

4-7 Jun 2009 – World Congress of Families Dialogue of Civilizations in Abuja, Nigeria [www.fach-ng.org]

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